SoulCollage® and Art Therapy MP3

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Kat Kirby, M.Ed., ATR, with Audrey Chowdhury, M.S., ATR-BC, both SoulCollage® Trainers, have provided this introduction to SoulCollage® for art therapists on audio, describing the basic structure and principles developed by Seena B. Frost and described in her book, SoulCollage® Evolving. They share stories of working with this powerful transformative process and tell how SoulCollage® has been used for decision-making, grief work, addiction recovery, eating disorders, stress and anxiety, relationship issues, “shadow” work, community-building; and with adolescents, the disabled, the elderly, and men.

1.   Introduction
2.   The Four Suits
3.   Readings
4.   The Shadow
5.   SoulCollage® in Action – Stories
6.   SoulCollage® and Community
7.   SoulCollage® with Adolescents
8.   SoulCollage® with the Disabled and Elderly
9.   SoulCollage® and Relationship Issues
10. SoulCollage® with Eating Disorders and Addictions
11. SoulCollage® and Decision-Making
12. SoulCollage® with Grief Work
13. SoulCollage® with Stress and Anxiety
14. SoulCollage® with Men
15. Your SoulCollage® and Art Therapy Journey

Kat Kirby, M.Ed., ATR, is a Registered Art Therapist, SoulCollage® Facilitator and SoulCollage® Trainer, based in San Diego, CA. She believes in the healing power of the arts, and uses SoulCollage® in her art therapy work with groups and individuals.

Audrey Chowdhury, M.S., ATR-BC, is a SoulCollage® Facilitator and SoulCollage® Trainer. She lives in Wisconsin.

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