Doing Readings with SoulCollage® & The Transpersonal Cards CD

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Author: Seena Frost

Doing Readings with SoulCollage® Cards is CD #5 in Your SoulCollage® Cards series

Doing Readings with Your SoulCollage® Deck

An essential part of the SoulCollage® process is the joy of tapping into one's intuition to answer current life questions. The visual images that have mysteriously found us, the ones we have glued onto cards and named as our guides, allies, and challengers, will now help us access deep knowings in ourselves. People who consult their cards in personal readings, using the signature "I Am One Who..." SoulCollage® exercise, are often surprised at the synchronicity of the cards they draw, and by the wisdom of their answers. 

The Transpersonal Cards: The Three Silent Cards in Your SoulCollage® Deck

The Mystery behind all existence is represented in SoulCollage® by three "transpersonal" cards: Source, SoulEssence, and Witness. These cards point to the Oneness which underlies the Manyness of all created forms. This Oneness is beyond form and thus beyond words; yet we can experience its reality as a unifying force within all creation. The developer of SoulCollage® Seena Frost, uses the concept of "The One and the Many" as a way to describe individual Souls. The Transpersonal cards represent a Soul's Oneness, and the four suits represent a Soul's particularities and uniqueness. Transpersonal cards are placed in the center of SoulCollage ®, readings, to represent this silent, underlying Presence. 


1) Overview of SoulCollage®  7:56
2) The Transpersonal Cards  28:23
3) Doing Readings  35:09

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