SoulCollage® & Paradigm Shift

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Seena Frost

Audio SoulCollage® & Paradigm Shift: How SoulCollage Assists the Transition
The founder of SoulCollage® and author of SoulCollage® Evolving, Seena B. Frost, speaks with us about elements that are integral to SoulCollage® and also to the new world era that many hope is forming as our old paradigm collapses: the uniqueness and relatedness of all beings, the building of safe community, the honoring of diverse perspectives, the cultivating of imagination and intuition, and the mystical and direct relationship to Spirit.

1. Introduction
2. Prophecies
3. A Partnership Model for Community
4. Listening To Diversity
5. Intuition & Creativity in Everyone
6. The Rising Feminine
7. Heart Laughter
8. Elements of the New Paradigm

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