Giving Voice to Your SoulCollage® Cards: Sound Music & Image CD

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Author: Audrey Chowdhury

Giving Voice to Your SoulCollage® Cards: Sound, Music & Image CD

Images want to speak, move, and make sound and music. By listening to their full range of expression, Art Therapist and SoulCollage® Trainer, Audrey Chowdhury, demonstrates how vocalizing can enrich your personal SoulCollage® practice and offer fun and insight to your workshop participants.


1. Introduction to Sound and SoulCollage®

2. Conducting Your Inner Orchestra

3. Vocalizing a Card's Energy

4. Creating Harmonies Among Our Cards

5. We Sing to Them; They Sing to Us

6. The Music We Hear in Our Heads

7. Your Personal Practice: SoulCollage®, Sound, & Music

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