Transforming Conflict / Embracing Change CD

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Author: Mariabruna Sirabella

If you are interested in doing some advanced work with yourself, or in groups you facilitate, to transform conflict into positive change (especially between two of your SoulCollage cards or two themes in your deck), this CD offers three guided journeys based on Mariabruna Sirabella's extensive study of yoga and shamanic practice. Mariabruna, who is a long-time student of Seena Frost and a SoulCollage® Trainer, talks about each exercise and method and leads us through it. 

The first journey: Do you have two SoulCollage® cards that seem to be in conflict? They provide rich opportunities for self discovery. Our SoulCollage® cards often represent conflicting parts of ourselves and Mariabruna offers a process called "Weaving" in which you can find ways for two conflicting cards to produce a new image, a new resolution.

The second journey: Do you want to explore a deep, creative state of consciousness for your SoulCollage® work? Mariabruna drums at the particular rate which induces such a state. 

The third journey: Do you want to develop the part of the brain that works with images? Mariabruna provides a detailed guided journey in yoga nidra. This is a yogic sleep well known to revitalize, refresh and bring you the wisdom of the right brain.

(2007) CD


1) Overview of SoulCollage® 
2) Working with the Shadow in SoulCollage®

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