Do you want to know about SoulCollage® ordeepen your process? Here are some great books

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  • Dutch SoulCollage® Book
  • Dutch MeCards4Kids book
  • Craft your wholeness
    Craft your wholeness

    How to Make & Use Intentional SoulCollage® Cards for Healing

    Author: Ann H. Hughes

    Discover how to catch, with grace, whatever Life throws your way and turn it into personal treasure. In this book, the author offers to let you…

    € 19,95
  • Through the eyes of SoulCollage®
    Through the eyes of SoulCollage®

    Everyday life is filled with opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish, yet it’s easy to miss these chances if you don’t recognize their value. As you read the eighty-seven essays in this insightful collection written by Anne…

    € 20,50
  • Into the heart of SoulCollage®
    Into the heart of SoulCollage®

    Learn how to live creatively, authentically, and with a whole heart by practicing the healing art of SoulCollage® as created by Seena Frost, M.A., M. Div. 87 inspiring essays will lead you to a better understanding of the…

    € 20,50
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